Another close race on high water level at Walyunga, on a Robin Sanders set course. Great to have Rob Jeffery put in a fast clean run to show everyone how it is done – come back soon Rob!

Joel did find a couple of excel formatting issues on results available directly after race which has resulted in a positional change for Tarky.

Here are the results

Winter series race 4 24th July Results K

Winter series race 4 24th July Results C

and here is the Open series points table after 3 points races;

NB I have not added Rob because clearly he will not race 3 races in WA this season however his 4 points for winning Men’s C Open therefore do not get awarded. Likewise if Max does not race 3 races this season his position points are not awarded for this race – but it is more possible he will race 3 times so he is now in the table.

All the paddlers with an asterisk against their name have not yet paddled the 3 races needed to be in the running.

name points
Alex Nevin 10
Jack Choate 8
Zlatan Ibrahimbegovic* 4
Max Myers* 4
David Burdett 3
Don Gillespie 3
Robin Sanders 3
Cameron Vogel 3
Mitchell Vogel 3
Tarky Wall* 3
Bevan Dashwood* 2
Nick Rankin* 2
Nick Rankin* 7
David Burdett 6
Jack Choate 6
Cameron Vogel 5
Tarky Wall* 4
Mitchell Vogel 3
Alex Nevin* 2
Clare Pankhurst 5
Nina Mueller* 4
Alexandria Choate* 3
Michelle Lachenicht* 2
Alex Vogel* 2
Nina Mueller* 2
Alexandria Choate* 1

There will be no C2 series trophy awarded this year as there is no opportunity now for anyone to paddle the class in three points races (as for School Champs there is no C2 points as school partners need to paddle together.)

There is still a C2 trophy at the State Champs so partner up and bring the big boats!