Queens Baton Relay 2018

Just a thank you note for a wonderful day as part of the Queens Baton Relay in the City of Swan. 

A big thank you to Governor Stirling High School for nominating Ramon Andersson to be one of the Baton Carriers and allowing us to join them in supporting the leg.

Thank you to Olympians Steve Bird (London K2 200m & Rio K1 200m) and Jesse Philips ( London K2 200m ) for providing and powering the K3 Ramon rode in, Alana Nicholls (London LK1 200m & 500m) for adding her support.

From the water I counted 35+ paddlers, ages ranging across 7 to 70 year olds,  from Ascot Kayak Club, Champion Lakes Boating Club, Bayswater Paddlesports Club and Canning River Canoe Club. Among these paddlers was both the Executive Officer and Development Officer of Paddle WA and the Presidents of Ascot Kayak Club and Champion Lakes Boating Club. All competition paddlers in Western Australia owes Ramon a big thanks and it was a pleasure to be there to support and honour him and the Queens Baton.

We all had a great time and it is something we will all treasure for many years.

Peter Martin

To see Queens Baton Relay Film, CLICK HERE