About the Perth White Water Centre

The proposed Perth White Water Centre will be a multi-purpose centre. With a focus on white water kayaking and slalom, the Centre will feature:
• An Olympic length slalom course
• White water canoeing and kayaking
• White water rafting
• Body boarding/ surfing
• Modules to change the course (so visitors don’t get bored with the same course!)
• Conference rooms, including a boardroom, meeting room, café hire
• Office space
• Canoe Polo venue



There is also the potential for the PWWC to be a concert venue, offer a dry course for BMX, a Wakeboarding course, Bodyboarding, Surfing, Boatercross, an air walk bridge and a rock climbing wall!

Watch a video below of a white water centre in Slovenia that was transformed into a BMX site.


The PWWC will offer a variety of programs and host multiple events, including:
• White water training and practice sessions
• Slalom training and practice sessions
• Swift white water training
• Department of Fire and Emergency Services training
• Social programs: family sessions, group sessions, bucks and hens parties
• Corporate days: Christmas parties, team bonding, meetings and conferences
• School programs: outdoor education, school camps
• All-Access program in association with Wheel Chair Sports
• Holiday programs
• Tourist attraction – Cardiff International White Water Park attracts over 180,000 visitors per year
• ICF world slalom cup events

It also has the potential be a multi-use facility. We are liaising with other sport associations to ensure the Centre will be used to its full potential. This includes:
• Working with Wheel Chair Sports to host several programs per year
• Hosting BMX training and events in association with Cycle West and BMX Sports WA
• Hosting Wakeboarding training and events in association with the Western Australian Ski Association Inc

Check out these links for some of the exciting ideas we have for the Centre:

BMX gets wild down on the riverbed – Watch as Paul Thölen and Daniel Wedemeijer session a whitewater kayak track with a BMX.

Cardiff International White Water Park Boatercross

River wakeboarding in Slovenia – Red Bull Upstream


The PWWC has potential to be one of Perth’s major tourist attractions. A similar centre to the proposed model, the Cardiff International White Water Park, attracts over 180,000 visitors each year. There is currently a white water park being built in New Zealand that is expected to be a tourist hot spot!

The Olympic length slalom course and white water training abilities will attract world-class athletes. There is a large market for European athletes seeking opportunities to train in a warm climate during their winter months. Perth’s weather is the ideal place for them! Our Australian athletes will also have the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the world, which will push them to even greater heights.

We also have an opportunity to have a New Zealand, Penrith and Perth Slalom Series. This has the potential to bring some serious tourism to our stat