Life Members

Paddle Western Australia acknowledges the contribution made to the sport by its Life Members

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour Paddle WA can bestow on an individual and is awarded in recognition of those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport and the association during their membership. No more than one Life Membership will be awarded on an annual basis, to retain the significance of this award.

The decision to award life membership is made on the basis of:
  • A person who has rendered distinguished or special service to Paddle WA.
  • Significant leadership and guidance to operational functions within Paddle WA,
  • Outstanding innovation and support of Paddle WA activities,
  • Enhancement of the growth of paddling in the local community,
  • Long association with the activities of Canoeing WA or Paddle WA,
  • Should have a minimum of ten (10) years affiliated membership of Canoeing WA, unless exceptional circumstances can be cited.
LM - Benny Bennion.jpg
Benny Bennion **
LM - Bevan Dashwood.jpg
Bevan Dashwood
LM - Bill Davis.jpg
Bill Davis
LM - Peter Dear editted.jpg
Peter Dear
LM - Bill Hine.JPG
Bill Hine **
LM - Greg Kaeding.jpg
Greg Kaeding
LM - Hetty Snowball edited.jpg
Hetty Snowball **
LM - Les Taylor.jpg
Les Taylor
LM - Terry Bolland.jpg
Terry Bolland
LM - Robyn Khorshid.jpg
Robyn Khorshid
LM - John Mulcahy.jpg
John Mulcahy
LM - Peter Martin.jpg
Peter Martin
LM - Neville Hine.jpeg
Neville Hine
LM - Margaret Jeffery.jpg
Margaret Jeffery
LM - Ramon Andersson.jpg
Ramon Andersson
LM - Marion Ewing.jpg
Marion Ewing
LM - Christian Thompson editted.jpg
Christian Thompson
LM - Judith Thompson.jpg
Judith Thompson
LM - Lawrence Greed.jpg
Lawrence Greed
Rose AD 2015.JPG
Rosalie Evans