Department of Water update of Kent Street Weir refurbishment project

Kent St Weir Refurbishment Update


The following developments have occurred:


  • The tender has been finalised, and the contract to undertake the refurbishment works has been awarded to Ertech Pty. Ltd.  


  • We have updated our webpage to include a map of alternative access points for canoes and kayaks both up and downstream of the weir.   Please note there will still be access to the river from both sides of the weir, however users will need to carry their water craft approximately 280m around the construction site to continue their journey between upstream and downstream.


  • Letters have been sent to all residents in Wilson, Cannington, Ferndale, Lynwood and Riverton advising that the works are upcoming


  • Signage is being prepared for installation at the weir, and at 6 different locations on the Canning River including:


o   Shelley Beach Park

o   Riverton Jetty Park

o   Riverton Canoe Launch

o   Bywater Way (Wilson)

o   Mason’s Landing

o   Hester Park


  • Staff from the Department of Water, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the City of Canning will be at the weir this Saturday (10th December) between 10am – 12noon to talk to the public about the refurbishment works – please feel free to come and have a chat.


  • A map of the construction area, and conceptual drawings of the new bridge and weir are close to being finalised and will be uploaded and emailed as soon as possible.


Further information is on our webpage at: