News Alert – Nominations sort for inland water paddle-craft experts to help develop Australian AAS

The Australian Adventure Activity Standards (Australian AAS) is now calling for nominations for canoeing, kayaking, rafting and related paddle-craft experts to help review, update and harmonise the existing AAS, by developing an inland water paddle-craft Australian AAS. This is a public callout for nominations and the Australian AAS Steering Committee want as many people to be aware of this.


You are receiving this email as a curtesy to ensure you are aware of the call for nominations. You may want to and are encouraged to pass on the callout to those you think maybe interested in submitting a nomination or be involved in the public consultation process that will happen once the consultation draft is ready.


Full details about nominating is available on-line at:


The Australian Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) detail good practice guidelines for conducting outdoor adventure activities with ‘dependent participants’. This includes managing risk and safety and providing principles for appropriate behaviours to safeguard environmental and cultural heritage. The AAS are a voluntary standard.


The AAS are aimed at activities with “dependent participants” who are participants “owed a duty of care by the activity provider and who is reliant upon the activity leaders for supervision, guidance or instruction to support participation in an activity.” While the AAS would help inform risk management practice in other situations, they would not be intended to cover situations not involving dependent participants or events such as competition or competitive races.


Key information:


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