Changing the Game

Please join us for an evening presentation to unlock the secrets of giving your kids positive, healthy and rewarding experiences while playing junior sport.

For one-night only, join international best-selling author John O’Sullivan and local parenting commentator and educator Clark Wight to explore how sport is game-changing for parents. You’ll discover how to keep the fun in the game and support your kids to get the most out of sport – no matter whether they’re part of the team or striving for gold.

More than just fun and physical activity, sport encourages our kids to work together, be healthy risk-takers, show determination and courage and look at ways to overcome challenges.

Alongside the experts we’ll explore:

· How life skills learnt in sport prepare your kids for future challenges.

· How active kids get a brain boost at school.

· Keeping fun in the game.

· A new approach to post-match conversations.

· Why playing a variety of sports helps kids develop better skills and physical literacy.

· Helping kids stay engaged and enjoy the sports you’ve paid for.

To close the evening, join an audience Q&A with our expert panel including Sydney 2000 Olympic Games water polo gold medallist Simone Fountain OAM (née Hankin) who will speak of her experience as an athlete and now as a mother of three.

This landmark event is a must for any parent, educator, coach or sport administrator already on the sporting journey or considering sport for your kids.

You’ll leave with:

· A fresh approach.

· Reinforcement that sport is a game-changer for kids.

· Positive ways to have better conversations around sport and participation.

· Tips and tricks to better enjoy the sporting journey with your kids.

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John O’Sullivan

Conscious parenting advocate, educator and presenter

John O’Sullivan is an internationally known TEDx Speaker and the founder of the Changing the Game Project, which he started in 2012 to better educate parents, coaches and youth sports organisations and put more ‘play’ in playing sport.

John is a former professional soccer player who coached for 20 years at youth, high school and college level in the US.

He has been an advisor and presenter for numerous sporting organisations across the globe, including US soccer, Football, Lacrosse, Swimming and Hockey, and he sits on the National Advisory Board for the Positive Coaching Alliance and the National Association for Physical Literacy in the US.

John is the author of two #1 bestselling books and his blog gets nearly 5 million visits a year. His goal is to keep more kids active, healthy and involved in physical activity.


Clark Wight

Conscious parenting advocate, educator and presenter

With over 17 years teaching in WA, Clark’s desire to share his experiences as an educator, school administrator and parent has led to numerous conference presentations, articles and seminars around raising children, developing our conscious parenting skills and engaging adolescent children. He’s also passionate about taking the mystery and fervour out of media-driven, assessment-focused and societal driven expectations around the perfect child and the perfect parent.


Clark speaks alongside conscious parenting advocate Maggie Dent and works with schools and parent communities on further developing our understanding of our children. His seminars are known for their humour, sincerity, real-life solutions and the perspective he brings around schools, education and parenting.

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