Fancy a good time with a paddle?

A small but passionate group of kayakers form the Denmark Kayak Club. With its home base located at the Riverside Club, the club is keen to share their love of the sport with the Denmark community.

While the club is small, it makes up for it in hearts with a wide range of skill-based members who offer camaraderie and support from a senior-skilled group to new and less-skilled members.

Certainly, a club with a sense of unity and purpose. 

Kayaking can be one of the biggest rushes you can have on the water, letting you play in local inlets, rivers, and for the bold, even the sea. It’s also a great way for members to 

get up close to nature in the raw and check out the world around them from a brand-new point of view as they paddle silently through remote areas that most people will never get to visit.

The Denmark Kayak Club see themselves as guardians of the waterways as club members remove rubbish that they see along the way or report issues to relevant authorities.

With such a variety of fun on offer on our door-step, it’s no wonder that kayaking is so popular with the converted and those other thousands of fans all over Australia.

The location for Sunday paddles is set by the members the month before and include their favourite spots such as Crusoe Beach, King River in Albany, Frankland and Denmark rivers, Peaceful Bay and Walpole-Nornalup inlets as well as new ones, as they are discovered.  What is mandatory is the necessary stop for sustenance during and after paddles!!!!

So, if you want to discover Denmark’s natural beauty, breathtaking waterways, make new friends, have fun and get fit at the same time, then come and join the Denmark Kayak Club on a Wednesday at 4 pm at the Riverside Club or a Sunday morning from 10 am and you won’t be disappointed.    

New members are always welcome and it’s never too late to start kayaking!

Contact President Ian Carter on 0427409500 or check out the Denmark Riverside Kayak Club on Facebook.