WAIS Nutrition | Festive Season Tips!!!

Article by WAIS
Published 19th December 2018

It is possible to eat well during the festive season even when socialising with friends and family, with just a little know-how and forward planning.

Here are a few simple food and drink tips that can help you make choices that support your athletic goals over the holiday period. They will help you enjoy your favourite festive foods and create fantastic merry meal plans.

Include lots of seasonal, colourful fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables will add flavour, colour and nutrients to your festive favourites. They are lower in kilojoules whilst being fibre rich, keeping you fuller for longer!

Examples include cherries, mangoes, berries, stone fruit, asparagus, radish, sugar snap peas and corn. Try adding seasonal produce to your Christmas platters to create tasty health-filled platters that everyone will enjoy! Fill your Christmas plate with delicious salads to enjoy with your turkey, ham and prawns.

Avoid “restrictive” eating

Avoid mindsets such as “I am going out tonight, so I better not eat much today” and deliberately under eating during the day. Arriving at a function hungry can make it difficult to eat purposefully and mindfully.

With a welcome drink in your hand and an empty stomach, you will probably find yourself eating the first thing you see and reaching for energy dense, nutrient poor foods which can lead to eating them quickly.

Instead, eat your usual healthy meals throughout the day, so that you can take the time to decide what you really want to eat when out celebrating with friends.

Practice Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is a flexible approach to food that focusses on you tuning into your hunger and fullness cues, without putting into place strict food rules.

You can enjoy your favourite festive foods in moderation, eat slowly and really savour your food!

Eating out

It’s not always easy to access healthy meals and snacks when you are eating out. The following information provides tips on how to make the best nutrition choices when you are eating out during the festive season:

  • Avoid being too hungry when eating out. Do not under eat during the day to “compensate”
  • Salads are healthy and nutrient rich, but be mindful of high fat dressings. It is a good idea to order extra vegetables or salads when eating out as many menu options contain low amounts of these foods.
  • Seafood, lean meats and chicken are great protein rich foods, but avoid battered, fried, creamed or crumbed options.
  • Ask for dressings and sauces on the side. Some meals can be skewed by rich sauces and dressings. By having them served alongside your meal, you can control the amount that you choose to enjoy.
  • Avoid “filling up” on bread and bread rolls. Avoid oily breads such as garlic breads and limit use of butter.
  • Talk to the waiter, let them know what you do and do not want with your meal. Ask them about any menu options that you’re not sure about.
  • Limit the amount of courses you eat, and consider asking for entrée sizes if the restaurant typically serves larger portions.
  • Sip on water, diet soft drink and mineral/sparkling water during your meal and avoid excessive alcoholic drinks.

And most importantly of all … have a fabulous and fun festive season!!! #TeamWAIS

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