Exclusive Offer for Women of the Avon!

Terry Bolland from Canoeing Down Under has teamed up with Paddle WA to generously provide some exclusive package deals on equipment for every participant of the Women of the Avon course!


More information and registrations for the Women of the Avon training course can be found here!

Epic V7 Ski

  • The Epic V7 offers the same stability as the popular V8 ski, with the bonus of being able to paddle it in areas where composite kayaks can’t!
  • Extremely efficient and easy to handle in rough conditions
  • Very maneuverable and stable – extremely important for negotiating rapids
  • Very fast for a plastic ski
  • Polyethylene plastic construction means it is extremely durable and can take hits from rocks
  • Has a trailing rudder to slide over any obstructions in the river and a venturi that can be opened or closed to allow water to escape
  • Storage compartment in the back with a waterproof hatch
  • Marbled grey colour
  • 5.20m long, 54cm wide, 24kg weight
  • Test paddles welcome
$1700.00 (RRP $2150.00 – a saving of $450.00!)
With both underslung and trailing rudders

Vaikobi Lightweight Life Jacket

  • Soft buoyancy foam offers maximal comfort while retaining the required amount of floatation
  • Adjustable side and shoulder straps
  • Fluro-orange colour means it’s also ideal for ocean paddling
  • Two deep front pockets with side zips and one rear pocket for a water bladder
  • Zip-up design in front of the chest
  • Includes a tab to hold a drink tube at the top of the zip
$125.00 (RRP $170.00 – a saving of $45.00!)

Whitewater Helmet

  • CE EN 1385 Watersport Safety Standard certified
  • High-density plastic outer shell with a waterproof foam liner for shock absorption
  • Rear adjustable ratchet to tighten helmet to head
  • Adjustable chin strap to secure to head
  • Ventilation holes to cool your head during the race
$65.00 (RRP $90.00 – a saving of $25.00!)


  • Canoeing Down Under has a large selection of paddles to choose from
  • Discounts of $25-$50 will be applied depending on the value of the selected paddle!
  • Contact Terry at terry@canoeingdownunder.com for more information.

A free dry bag will be included with each purchase!

Please note you must participate in the Women of the Avon course to be eligible for this offer.

Terry will be provided with a list of participants, so if you would like to take advantage of these great deals contact him at terry@canoeingdownunder.com and let him know you are a participant of the course!