WA Paddlers on the National Sprint Team, Again!

After another successful Canoe Sprint National Championships hosted by WA, three of our top female paddlers have qualified for the 2019 Australian Sprint Team.
Jaime Roberts (3rd from left, left image) & Yale Steinepreis (far right, left image) at the K2 200m medal ceremony. Yasemin Ray (right, right image) at the K2 500m medal ceremony. Photos: Susan Hughes

WAIS athletes Jaime Roberts (IOP), Yale Steinepreis (BPC) and Yasemin Ray (BPC) have once again earned their place on the national sprint squad for 2019 after a successful string of results at the Sprint Grand Prix #2 and Sprint National Championships this year.

Bayswaters’ Yale Steniepreis qualified for the U23 Australian Sprint Team back in February when she won the U23 K2 500m with NSW paddler Ella Beere at the Sprint Grand Prix #2. At last week’s National Championships, Steinepreis picked up a bronze in the Open K2W 200m alongside Brianna Massie (QLD) missing out on silver by just 0.11s. She also made her way to the K1W 200m A Final where she finished in a respectable 6th place against multiple-time national representatives.

Yale will be competing at the 2019 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 World Championships in Pitesti, Romania from the 1st to 4th August 2019.

Yale Steinepreis in the K1 200m at the 2019 Canoe Sprint National Championships, WA. Photo: Lawrence Greed

Indian Ocean Paddler Jaime Roberts was selected for yet another sprint senior world cup squad after an impressive series of results across Grand Prix #2 and the recent National Championships. At the championship competition, Roberts netted herself a gold medal in the open women’s K2 200m alongside NSW’s Jo Brigden-Jones, earning the pair the title of National Champions. She backed this up with a silver in the K2 500m with Brigden-Jones, missing out on gold by just 0.27s. Another gold medal was won by Roberts in the K4 500m with world championship teammates Aly Bull (QLD), Jo Brigden-Jones (NSW) and Alyce Burnett (QLD). She also showed her strength in single craft by getting a bronze in the K1 200m event, and finishing 5th place in the K1 500m.

Jaime will compete at both ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 1 & 2, held in Poznan POL and Duisberg GER respectively.

Jaime Roberts in the K1W 500m. Photo: Lawrence Greed

Also from Bayswater Paddlesports Club, Yasemin Ray has been selected for her second consecutive place on the junior sprint team. Yasemin showed that she is one of Australia’s most promising junior female paddlers at the moment after taking home 8 medals from the Sprint National Championships, two of which being gold in the K4 events. Paired up with Kailey Harlen (NSW), Caitlin Webber (SA) and Ashlee Schoene (SA), Ray was able to pull ahead by more than 2 seconds to take out the U18 K4 500m title. She changed crews for the K4 1000m, where alongside Charli Smyth (SA), Nicci Vesely (NSW) and Alisa van der Kwartel (NSW) again won gold with an almost 18s lead. Yasemin paired up with Smyth in the K2 events, winning a silver medal in both the 1000m and 500m distances. Showing that she is not just a team player, Ray bagged two bronzes in the U18 K1 1000m and K1 500m and a silver in the K1 200m.

Yasemin will be competing at the 2019 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior & U23 World Championships in Pitesti, Romania from the 1st to 4th August 2019.

Yasemin Ray in the U18 K1W 500m. Photo: Lawrence Greed

Teams for the 2019 Olympic Hopes Regatta and 2019 Asia-Pacific Championships can be found here.

The full squad list can be found below. Read more on Paddle Australia’s article.


Jackson Collins (QLD)
Riley Fitzsimmons (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Matt Goble (SA | SASI | West Lakes Canoe Club)
Tom Green (QLD | QAS | Varsity Lakes)
Joel McKitterick (QLD | QAS | Currumbin Creek)
Murray Stewart (NSW | NSWIS | PaddleNSW Direct)
Lachlan Tame (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Jean Van der Westhuyzen (QLD | QAS | Varsity Lakes)
Jordan Wood (QLD | QAS | Gold Coast)

Ella Beere (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Jo Brigden-Jones (NSW | NSWIS | Sydney Northern Beaches)
Alyssa Bull (QLD | QAS | Sunshine Coast)
Josephine Bulmer (SA | SASI | West Lakes)
Alyce Burnett (QLD | QAS | Sunshine Coast)
Cat McArthur (SA | SASI | Onkaparinga)
Jaime Roberts (WA | WAIS | Indian Ocean)
Bernadette Wallace (QLD | SASI | Currumbin Creek)


Jackson Collins (QLD)
Riley Fitzsimmons (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Tom Green (QLD | QAS | Varsity Lakes)
Ethan Neville (NSW | NSWIS | Salty Paddlers)
Jean Van Der Westhuyzen (QLD | QAS | Varsity Lakes)

Ella Beere (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Josephine Bulmer (Canoe) (SA | SASI | West Lakes)
Kailey Harlen (NSW | NSWIS | Sydney Northern Beaches)
Lucinda Kelly (QLD | QAS | Kawana Waters)
Brianna Massie (QLD | QAS | Kawana Waters)
Jemma Smith (NSW | NSWIS | Avoca)
Yale Steinepreis (WA | WAIS | Bayswater)

Jesse Kneebone Ellis (SA | SASI | West Lakes)
Tinus Koekemoer (NSW | NSWIS | Sydney Northern Beaches)
Daniel Kucharski (SA | SASI | West Lakes)

Alicia Fay (QLD | QAS | Kawana Waters)
Kailey Harlen* (NSW | NSWIS | Sydney Northern Beaches)
Yasemin Ray (WA | WAIS | Bayswater)
Ashlee Schoene (SA | West Lakes)
Charli Smyth (SA | West Lakes)
Caitlin Webber (SA | West Lakes)