27th March – COVID-19 Update from Paddle Australia

Paddle Australia have released a COVID-19 management plan for all paddling clubs, disciplines and members to adopt. It is imperative that we all follow these guidelines to minimise the spread of the coronavirus.

Please check Paddle Australia’s COVID-19 response page regularly for paddling-specific updates.


PA COVID-19 Guidelines – Update 3 (27th March)

Coronavirus Health Information Line (WA): 1800 020 080

Message from the Paddle WA Board

In view of the current circumstances to isolate and prevent cross-infection associated with COVID -19, all paddle clubs in WA and sport-specific disciplines are directed to, until further advised:

  • Cease all club & discipline organised/promoted coaching, training, and competitions, including social racing. This also includes all on-water and off-water group sessions conducted within the club/discipline environment.
  • To actively broadcast this message within their club and/or discipline via their existing communication links.
  • Self-initiated solo paddling/training is encouraged to continue for physical and mental health.
  • Do not attend a facility if you have a temperature or feel unwell.


  • Wash hands with soap and water before eating.
  • Conduct a mental walkthrough of your travel path before you attend and plan hygiene accordingly.
  • Use your own equipment.
  • Bring your own sanitizer, wipes to training and wipe down any shared item before or after each use.
  • Transport your own boat and paddle to and from training, arrive dressed in your training apparel, and store items in your car.
  • Bring your own water container to wash down after paddling and consider washing down at home.
  • If you do have to enter the facility, maintain the 1.5 metre social distancing guideline as much as practical.
  • If you are training at the same time as another member, use your own warm-up equipment (mats, rollers, bands etc) out in the open.
  • Maintain hand hygiene– regularly sanitise keypads, shared equipment, taps and drink bottles etc.

Please note that the PWA office will be unattended from Friday the 3rd April, but staff will be working from home and can be contacted via the following phone and email links.

Executive Officer – Rosalie Evans – eo@paddlewa.asn.au – 0438 754 411
Development Officer – Christopher Greed – develop@paddlewa.asn.au – 08 9285 8501

On behalf of the PWA Board, I would like everyone to consider others, stay safe and healthy, and play your part in helping and leading the community work through this period.

Andrew Hayden
President – on behalf of the Paddle WA Board

Paddling-Specific Advice

  • Paddling in groups of two or more is not permitted, unless it is with people you reside with
  • Individual paddling is permitted but paddlers should take the necessary safety precautions such as
    • Let someone know where and when you are paddling
    • Wear a life jacket
    • Paddle within your abilities, preferably on protected waters
    • Unless experienced and competent, do not paddle on the ocean
    • Do not paddle in whitewater by yourself, no matter how experienced or competent
  • Team boat paddling (K2/S2, K3, K4 etc.) should not take place as paddlers are often closer than 1.5 metres
  • Basic hygiene should be practiced at all times
  • COVID-19 will NOT impact Paddle Australia’s insurance program. Specific details can be read in the ‘PA COVID-19 Guidelines‘ above

Paddle WA

  • The Paddle WA office will be closed from Friday the 3rd of March, subject to government announcements.
  • Paddle WA staff will continue to work from home as of Monday the 6th of March. Please contact us at develop@paddlewa.asn.au or phone 08 9285 8501 for any queries, questions, concerns or general business.

Please stay safe and follow all preventative measures during these times. The safety of our paddling community remains our top priority, so please get in touch with us if there’s anything you would like to discuss.