Virtual Marathon Season

Welcome to the New Virtual Marathon Season!

Do the courses, submit your times and check your performance compared to others.

Paddle WA Marathon, AKC & CRCC introduce a season of four races over the next three months. The courses will be published on Paddling Facebook sites and the email newsletter.

Paddle the course, record your time and enter it in the Webscorer rego provided. At the end of the three week period, results will be compiled and posted.

Program Details:

  1. Courses will all be there-and-back designed to be done by one person or a pair with no car shuffle capability.
  2. The courses will all be in Perth Metro to fit with travel restrictions and will give the opportunity to see a variety of waterways
  3. A Webscorer system will be set up for entering times. Record your timing however which way you choose [watch, phone, whatever]. There will be no fees.
  4. Enter as many times as you want, and in different boats if you want, your best time for each boat will feature in the results
  5. Results will be presented according to gender and ICF age groups [Open, 35+, 45+, Guppy U10, Guppy U12, U14 etc] & boat.
  6. This series of races will not count towards Paddler of the Year awards. The only verification of time will be whatever the paddler enters into the system.
  7. Paddlers are encouraged to paddle in pairs but to stay a minimum of 1.5m from each other. PFDs are recommended


John Sims Race

Course: Ascot Kayak Club jetty to Barkers Bridge and return

Start Date: 18th April, End Date: 10th May


Upper Canning

Course: Kent St to Yellow Buoy ‘yellow buoy’ near shore opposite Norfolk Island pine, near Rob Bruce park etc) 5th Ave, Shelley.

Start Date 11th May, End Date: 31st May


SunSmart Paddle Challenge

Course: Bayswater Paddle Sports to Guildford railway bridge, back downstream, round Ascot Waters, back to Bayswater

Start Date: 1st June, End Date: 21st June

Upper Swan Race (Variation)

Course: Woodbridge to Maali Bridge [Barrett St, Herne Hill] and return

Start Date 22nd June, End Date: 12th July