Sprint Kayak Talent Search – Surf Life Saving

In 2021 the WAIS Canoeing Program is piloting a Sprint Kayak Talent Search for Surf Life Saving athletes between the age of 13 and 17 (born 2004-2008).

The timing of this Talent Search program contrasts against the September testing conducted over the last 3 years across multiple sports and targets only Sprint Kayaking. The testing on Saturday April 17 will be across key strength and fitness measures for sprint kayaking. This initiative will serve surf athletes in the low season of Surf Life Saving activities and launch a greater emphasis on coaching support for Under 17 surf ski paddlers in WA ahead of the 2022 Perth Aussies.

The program will be run by WAIS Pathway Coach Jesse Phillips with 3 coaching sessions offered per week of paddling workouts, technique and basic strength & conditioning. Athletes that do not gain selection in this round of Talent Search testing will be invited to specific paddling coaching workshops throughout 2021, join other paddling squads and/or test again in the multi-sport WAIS Talent Search in September 2021.

There is growing excitement in the WAIS Canoeing program to see 60 eager surf athletes on April 17 (limited places available).

Register for testing online here: https://www.trybooking.com/BPQWO