LiveLighter Northam to Toodyay 2021

Team boats approaching the Northam Weir. Photo: John O’Sullivan


This years’ LiveLighter Northam to Toodyay race was the biggest one to date, with 143 competitors registered for the event! With river levels of ~1.5m, there was a very fast current that made for quick race times. Many of the rapids were washed out at this level which made paddling them somewhat easier, but still made features like Glen Avon Rapid tricky to navigate. All in all, the event couldn’t have had better conditions and every single paddler managed to finish the race without any incidences, apart from some minor boat damage!

The event doubled up as an Avon Descent Seeding Race. All entries received 5 points for entering the race and then extra points based on their finish position, which have been collated to determine the start grids for the Avon Descent. The LiveLighter Paddle Challenge was the first seeding event, and the third and final will be the Wildwater Race #4 – Walyunga to Bells Race held this Sunday.

WWK1’s at Northam Weir (left), Sharon & Kate have a splash (centre), Nina Mueller tackling Northam Weir in K1 (right). Photos: John O’Sullivan & Nicky Taylor

Notable Results (All Results)

Male K1
1st – Brendan Rice
2nd – William Lee
3rd – Steve Bird

Female K1
1st – Nina Mueller

Male S1
1st – James Duncan
2nd – Joseph Ford
3rd – Brett McDonald

Male Long Plastic
1st – Harry Hewitt
2nd – Ethan Jackson
3rd – Byron Albertsen

Female Long Plastic
1st – Kiera Albertsen
2nd – Lauren Smaniotto
3rd – Courtney Smaniotto

Male WWK1
1st – Terry Bolland
2nd – Phil Edwards
3rd – Paul Measey

Male K2
1st – Grant Pepper/Peter Tomczak
2nd – Francis Nolan/Trevor Longwood
3rd – Darryl Long/Spencer King

Female K2
1st – Harriette Alexis/Jane Pankhurst
2nd – Sharon Cobley/Kate Martin

Mixed K2
1st – Clare Pankhurst/Luke Dooley
2nd – George Pankhurst/Olivia Berson
3rd – Ramon Andersson/Genevieve Stanley

Open S2
1st – Benjamin Hewitt/Charlie Hewitt
2nd – Glenn Eldon/Tash Leaversuch
3rd – Eujay McCartain/Lex Simmons

Avon Descent Race Seeding Results (current)

Brendan Rice (left), paddlers approaching Katrine Bridge (centre), Grant Pepper & Peter Tomczak (right). Photos: John O’Sullivan & Nicky Taylor.

A special mention goes to Jane Liddle, Peter Liddle, Michael Liddle, Warren Southwell, Nathan Jamieson and Rowie from PDRC who were able to remove the Northam Weir sign before the race on Saturday. The sign was bent facing upstream against the current which created a dangerous river hazard, and if not for this team of volunteers, would have had a big impact on both our event and the 2021 Avon Descent.

Terry Brooke providing safety (left), Warren Southwell as the sweep paddler (centre), Terry, Bronwyn Martin and Hunter Florisson below Katrine Bridge (right). Photos: John O’Sullivan & Nicky Taylor.

A big thank you goes to our team of volunteers who made running the event possible!

Beck Florisson – Timing
Scott Florisson – Timing
Isabella Florisson – Spotting
Peter Martin – Katrine Bridge Checkpoint Manager
Bronwyn Martin – Katrine Bridge Checkpoint Manager
Ian Quinn – Extracts Checkpoint Manager
Rose Quinn – Extracts Checkpoint Manager
Terry Brooke – Safety
Leonie Cockman – Safety
Peter Ashby – Safety
Bevan Dashwood – Safety
Lawrence Greed – Safety
Hunter Florisson – Safety
Warren Southwell – Sweep Paddler
Kieran Simpson – Sweep Paddler
Canning River Canoe Club – Catering