November Basic Skills Course

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The Basic Skills Course is delivered by our Paddle Academy instructors, and is designed for anybody wanting to learn the essential paddling strokes and safety skills to go paddling in WA. Individuals of any paddling ability will benefit from this course, and all participants will receive a certificate following completion of the course. A variety of paddling skills, safety and rescue techniques will be taught in the program, including

  • Preparation of paddle craft and equipment
  • Launching and landing your craft
  • Correct paddling posture
  • Paddling strokes and the correct technique
  • ‘Rafting up’
  • Assisting with deep water rescues

The full assessment guideline document can be read here.

Cost: $120 (adults) or $80 (under 18)

All equipment is provided (kayak, paddle, life jacket), but please feel free to use your own craft if you wish.

Note: the minimum age is 12


All participants will be covered under the Paddle Australia Insurance for the duration of the basic skills course only.

If you wish to purchase a direct membership with Paddle WA for just $85 to get 24/7 insurance coverage, visit or contact