PWA Coaching Survey Response

Paddle WA would like to thank the paddling community for their input to our recent Paddling Coaching Roles Survey.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge the current interest in taking up a formal or informal coaching role, so that Paddle WA can devise effective and meaningful pathways for coaching development. This survey received a total of 82 responses, along with a number of comments regarding each question.

We are hoping to receive funding to run a WA Paddling Coaching Forum sometime this year, aiming to upskill current and prospective coaches.

Paddle WA staff and President Andrew Hayden have reviewed all responses, and written the following response for the paddling communities interest.

If you would like to contact us with any queries, questions or comments, please send an email to the following:

Andrew Hayden        – Paddle WA President –
Ramon Andersson   – WAIS Canoe Sprint Head Coach –
Leonie Cockman      – Paddle WA Education Officer –

View Paddle WA’s response as a .pdf here

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