Huge Success for WA at the Australian Canoe Marathon Championships!

WA had a team of 16 paddlers competing at 2022 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, held on the Gold Coast in QLD.

All paddlers had fantastic results across the race weekend, accumulating a total of 14x Gold, 5x Silver and 4x Bronze medals, and winning the Halford Trophy for WA.

The Halford Trophy is scored across international boat classes in Open Men and Women, Under 23 Men and Women, Under 18 Men and Women, and Masters 35 Men and Women. Western Australia scored 46 points, Victoria finished second with 28, and New South Wales in third with 22 points.

Doug Hodson receiving the Halford Trophy on behalf of Marathon WA. Photo: Paddle QLD

A summary of all WA results can be found below, and the full results from the competition can be found here.

Short Course Results

Open Women K1
1st – Jaime Roberts
6th – Jane Pankhurst

Open Men K1
1st – Josh Kippin
3rd – Brendan Rice

Josh Kippin and Brendan Rice (left), Jaime Roberts (centre), Jane Pankhurst (right). Photos: Paddle QLD

U18 Women K1
2nd – Genevieve Stanley
3rd – Sarah Major

U18 Men K1
1st – Noah Boldy

65+ Men K1
1st – Peter Pawlow
8th – Doug Hodson

Open Women KL1
1st – Kathy Mallory

Genevieve Stanley & Sarah Major (left), Noah Boldy (centre), Doug Hodson (right). Photos: Paddle QLD

K1 & S1 Results

Open Men K1
1st – Josh Kippin

Open Women K1
3rd – Jane Pankhurst

U23 Men K1
1st – Luke Dooley

U18 Men K1
1st – Noah Boldy

U18 Women K1
2nd – Genevieve Stanley
3rd – Sarah Major

Josh Kippin (left), Luke Dooley (centre), Genevieve Stanley (right). Photos: Paddle QLD

50+ Men K1
1st – Brett McDonald

50+ Women K1
2nd – Sue McDougall

50+ Women S1
2nd – Julie McDonald

60+ Men K1
5th – John Hilton

Brett McDonald (left), Sue McDougall (centre left), Julie McDonald (centre right), John Hilton (right). Photos: Paddle QLD

K2 Results

Open Men K2
1st – Josh Kippin/Brendan Rice

Open Women K2
2nd – Jaime Roberts/Jane Pankhurst

U18 Men K2
1st – Noah Boldy/Morgan Boldy

Jaime Roberts & Jane Pankhurst (left), Brendan Rice & Josh Kippin (centre), Noah Boldy & Morgan Boldy (right). Photos: Paddle QLD

U18 Women K2
1st – Genevieve Stanley/Sarah Major

45+ Men K2
1st – Brett McDonald/Kenlea Murray (VIC)

50+ Women K2
1st – Julie McDonald/Sue McDougall

50+ Men K2
1st – John Hilton/Charles Power (VIC)

Brett McDonald & Kenlea Murray from VIC (left), Genevieve Stanley & Sarah Major (centre left), Sue McDougall & Julie McDonald (centre right), John Hilton & Charles Power from VIC (right). Photos: Paddle QLD