WA Update at Canoe Slalom Australian Open / Canoe Sprint Grand Prix #2

It’s been a busy weekend of racing with Penrith hosting both the 2023 Canoe Slalom Australian Open and the 2023 Canoe Sprint Grand Prix #2 from the 17th-19th February 2023.

Our WA athletes fought hard with many vying for national team selections, see below a summary of their results from across both competitions:

Canoe Slalom Australian Open

All results here

Ben Pope
2nd in Men’s K1
1st in Men’s Kayak Cross

Brodie Crawford
3rd in Men’s C1

Georgina Collin
6th in Women’s K1

George Pankhurst
13th in Men’s C1

Hunter Florisson
25th in Men’s C1
31st in Men’s K1

Steven Lowther
26th in Men’s C1

Canoe Sprint

All results here

Yale Steinepreis
1st in K4 500m
3rd in K2 500m
7th in K1 500m

Luke Egger
1st in K1 200m
2nd in K2 200m
9th in K1 500m
4th in K2 500m (semi 1)

Samantha Lourey
1st in U18 K2 500m
1st in U18 K4 500m
2nd in U18 K1 1000m
5th in U18 K1 200m
6th in U18 K1 500m

Lachlan Armstrong
2nd in K4 500m
7th in K1 1000m A Final
3rd in K1 500m B Final

Noah Boldy
4th in K2 200m
5th in K4 500m
4th in K1 1000m B Final
4th in K1 200m B Final
6th in K2 500m (semi 2)
8th in K1 500m (semi 3)

Kathleen O’Kelly-Kennedy
1st in Para V1 200m (multiclass)
1st in Para K1 200m (multiclass)

Amy Ralph
2nd in Para V1 200m (multiclass)
3rd in Para K1 200m (multiclass)

Mark Daniels
3rd in Para V1 200m (multiclass)
7th in Para K1 200m (multiclass)

Joseph Gianatti
4th in Para V1 200m (multiclass)
6th in Para K1 200m (multiclass)

Ben Sainsbury
5th in Para V1 200m (multiclass)
8th in Para K1 200m (multiclass)

Gergely Nagy
1st in C2 500m
2nd in C1 200m
2nd in C1 500m
2nd in C1 1000m

Connor Jacob
1st in U16 K1 200m
1st in U16 K2 200m
1st in U16 K1 500m
1st in U16 K2 500m
1st in U16 K1 1000m

Selma Alibegovic
8th in K1 200m
8th in K2 500m
9th in K1 500m B Final

Genevieve Stanley
5th in K1 1000m
4th in K2 500m (semi 1)

Abbey Major
8th in K1 1000m
2nd in K1 200m B Final
4th in K2 500m (semi 1)
7th in K1 500m (semi 2)

Kalani Locke
7th in K1 200m B Final
8th in K1 500m (heat 3)