Flatwater Instructor Course

Registrations are now closed for this course.

To submit an Expression of Interest, please contact

Leonie at or click here.

  • Are you an outdoor education specialist or an outdoor education student?
  • Are you a youth group leader and want to challenge your young people?
  • Do you work with vulnerable young people and want to introduce them to the natural environment?
  • Do you want to be able to lead a group of novices on an expedition?

Flatwater Instructor is the step you need to take to open up opportunities for yourself and the people you work with.

The cost of the course is as follows:

Paddle WA members: $220.00 Non-Paddle WA members: $260.00

Holders of the Flatwater Instructor  Award have been assessed and are qualified to instruct, facilitate skills transfer to participants so that they may act independently or with minimal supervision in controlled conditions on protected inland waterways in moderate conditions

  • Assessment record for the Flatwater Instructor Award

Further information is available on this website or by contacting Paddle WA (

Please Note: to gain the Flatwater Instructor Award, candidates must:
  • be assessed as having the knowledge to plan and conduct a flatwater instructional programme and complete the Flatwater Instructor Assessment Project.
  • demonstrate the ability to train individuals and groups from novices to instructor level on activity and expedition based programmes in canoe or kayaks
  • produce a verified log book showing canoeing or kayaking activity over the last 2 years

Please note: A candidate is not registered as a Flatwater Instructor until all components of the registration process are completed and the appropriate fee for registration is paid. Attendance and participation in a course is not a guarantee to successful assessment.


Coaching courses are in constant demand and the best way to find out about the next officiating/ coaching course for either yourself or your club is to fill out the expression of interest form.


The role an official plays in canoeing is not often recognised as important, but events would simply not run without the efforts of these vital volunteers.

To take part in the next officials course please fill out the expression of interest form.

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