Frequently asked questions

How are you paying for the Perth White Water  Centre?

We have a private investor who has been committed to building the Centre for several years now.

Why hasn’t the Perth White Water Centre been built yet?

The State Government has pledged their support for a white water centre to be built in WA since the closure of the Harvey International Slalom Course was closed in 1998. The Water Corporation has also pledged their support and monetary support to the value of $5 million. Click here for the Legislative Assembly Papers. We just need to acquire the land for the Centre!

We’re in a drought! How can we afford to use water for sports of recreation?

Great question! The PWWC will use approximately the same amount of water as it takes to water a golf course. In fact, the Department of Water have even said water is not an issue!

What kind of pollution would the Swan River and other water sources experience as result of the Perth White Water Centre?

To answer this question briefly… there wouldn’t be pollution to the Swan River! The PWWC may actually assist with the reoxygenation of the Swan River.