Paddle Western Australia proudly supports a number of programs that engage a range of different paddling options and outcomes.
These programs are organised in conjunction with sponsors and supporters of Paddle WA.

The SunSmart Paddle Academy caters for schools (year 7 to 12), senior groups, corporate team building, social groups and individual sessions.

Groups are able to learn basic paddling skills in a Fun and Safe aquatic environment. The program is available all year round with summer courses based on flat-water paddling or ocean, and winter on flat-water or white-water.

Paddle WA supplies all equipment required including Kayaks, Paddles, PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices), spray decks, and knowledgeable instructors. This equipment along with instructors can be transferred to a number of locations:

  • Matilda Bay, Crawley
  • Coode St, South Perth
  • AP Hinds Reserve, Bayswater
  • Bells Rapids, (white-water courses)
  • Johnston St Boat Ramp, Mosman Park
  • Riverton Dr North & Fifth Ave, Rossmoyne
  • Ocean Reef Marina, Ocean Reef
  • Champion Lakes, Armadale

Plus, many other locations

The Sunsmart Paddle Academy ranges from 3-6 weeks, consists of correct stroke techniques, capsize drills/rescues, safety procedures on the water and how to embark and disembark the craft. Building skills and confidence on the water is a primary focus of the Be Active Paddle Academy through on-water exercises and games that relate to all canoeing disciplines.

The Sunsmart Paddle Academy teaches the following skills:

  • Present the craft and equipment for inspection
  • Swim 50 metres in canoeing clothes – shirt, shorts and sandshoes as a minimum, and with a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), and swim under a canoe to surface on the other side.
  • Show a full understanding of basic safety requirements for paddlers and their craft, and appreciation of the use of PFDs.
  • Launch the craft, embark and paddle away from the launching point. Be able to Demonstrate:
  • Paddling forwards, backwards and emergency stops,
  • Turning the canoe,
  • The use of the paddle as a means of support in the water,
  • Coming alongside another craft, and also a clear approach to the launching point,
  • Disembark, then re-embark, paddle to deep water, capsize and swim ashore with the canoe.
  • Empty the craft take it from the water and place it properly on the bank.

Classes will be given the opportunity to gain skills in both surf skis and kayaks. We provide the opportunity and support, for interested participants to access higher awards and to join their local canoe/ kayak club.

Booking Process

  • Download and complete Booking Request Form (download below) and email: Paddle WA makes booking (dependant on availability)
  • Paddle WA will send a Booking Confirmation and Insurance forms

The cost of each Sunsmart Paddle Academy booking is determined by location and number of students.
The price includes:

  • Insurance – covered under the Australian Canoeing Insurance Scheme
  • Boat Hire
  • Equipment Hire – Paddles, PFDs, Spray Decks, Helmets
  • Instruction (ACAS Instructors)
  • Administration Fee

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Paddle WA on (08) 9285 8501.

Booking Form

Looking for Sponsorship:

On the road 5 days a week, travelling from Northam to Bunbury on a regular basis.

Are you on the search for just the right sponsorship opportunity, then look for further. We are on the hunt for sponsors who want to be involved in the Paddle Academy program at Paddle WA.

This sponsorship is supporting the Paddle Academy program allowing them to upgrade their equipment and advertise your logo on the vehicle and it’s trailers that travel the streets of Perth each week.

For more information please contact Jason Parker at


  • enjoys outdoor physical activity
  • enjoys fitness or aspires to be fit and healthy
  • seeks and enjoy challenges, and are adventure-inspired
  • enjoys camaraderie and like to be involved in common goals/achievements
  • likes to have fun

Paddle WA are running a program for WOMEN ONLY who would love the challenge to train and compete in the iconic Avon Descent.


Program Details

DATES:  10th, 17th and 24th March

LOCATION: Ascot Kayak Club, Garvey Park

TIME: 9.00am-12:30pm, each Saturday

AGE: 17+

REGISTRATIONS: Scroll Down to register

COST: $200

What you will get

  • 10 hours tuition from top paddlers
  • All equipment provided for program
  • Specific training program by well-known coach, Andrew Budge
  • Seminar with Sports Physiotherapist and Kayak Coach, Andrew Hayden
  • Discounts from Spirit Paddle Sports where you can get exactly what you need at a great price
  • You will be feeling ready to hit the water when ever you like


  • Sense of achievement – completing a challenge
  • Acquiring new physical skills
  • New friendships and social networks
  • Improved health and fitness
  • Improved body self-image.

If at this stage, you needed another reason to sign up to the Women of the Avon Course in March, well here it is…

Zenith Sport Sciences has teamed up with Paddle WA to bring you an exclusive package (including ski, pfd, paddle and helmet) to get you up and running with your Paddling as thanks for completed Women of the Avon

CLICK HERE to see the Exclusive Offer

For more information please contact Paddle WA at (08) 9285 8501 or 

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