Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is wonderfully enjoyable recreational paddling on the ocean. It is a great way to go exploring, and sea kayaking gives you access to places many other people can’t get to or even know about. With sea kayaking you get to notice just how varied and interesting the coast is from the water and this type of paddling enables you to absorb the area you are paddling in.

Sea kayakers always paddle in groups and make sure they have the necessary equipment for their planned trip including one or more experienced sea kayakers. Sea kayaks tend to be longer and narrower than other recreational craft, this is because longer kayaks are faster on the water and often track better. There is also more room to carry gear and equipment which allows paddlers to do longer trips.

Other than the camaraderie and achievement of paddling for a few hours non stop Sea Kayaking also offers challenge in paddling waves, swell and strong winds and other conditions that are part of paddling in open water.

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