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The Perth White Water Centre (PWWC) will be a World Class tourism destination that will excite our local Perth community and engage our youth. The privately funded, multi-purpose facility will provide a unique focal point around which the people of Perth can enjoy our great city. The PWWC aims to promote education, inclusion, water safety and healthy lifestyles! The center will offer educational opportunities for WA schools, white water safety and rescue training for WA’s emergency services and private sector, unique opportunities for local tourism, and provide a training and racing venue for our local athletes, cater to international competitions and events while making the most of Perth’s amazing weather!


The PWWC will be a transformational facility that will be an asset to the whole community. The major reasons for the centre are education, water safety, tourism and health through sport and fitness.

The centre will provide a safe outdoor learning environment for WA school students. There is overwhelming evidence of the benefits to students of participating in outdoor education. Unfortunately, many schools struggle to provide outdoor education experiences due to lack of access and concerns regarding liability. The PWWC would provide a safe, inclusive and easily accessible venue for WA schools. The centre would also teach students and other parties about water safety.

Western Australians love to have fun in and around our beautiful waterways. However, water can be a dangerous environment. It is crucial that we educate children and the wider community about water safety. The PWWC would provide a focal point that would allow the community to experience the power of water in a safe controlled environment. The centre would also provide a safe training environment for our emergency services to develop Swift Water Rescue skills. These skills would also be valuable for companies whose employees work in close proximity to water. Watch the video link below for more information.


The PWWC also has the ability to attract tourists to our state and offer a unique activity. Tourism WA see the Centre as a potential visitor attraction and event site. Cardiff International White Water has won Visit Wales’s, Best Visitor Experience Award. Imagine what a tourism asset the PWWC could be if a white water park in cold, wet Wales can attract over 150,000 people per year!

Support for the PWWC has been promised by the government and Water Corporation since 1998, when the Harvey International Slalom Course was closed. The closure of this course was detrimental to our ability to train local athletes and host international events. With this loss and the loss of many rivers due to damming and our dry climate, athletes aspiring to compete in slalom at an international or Olympic level are forced to move to New South Wales to train at the Penrith White Water Stadium. Perth’s own Robin Bell (Bronze medallist at the 2008 Beijing Olympics) highlights the benefits of the Perth White Water Centre in the video link below.


Experience the future Perth White Water Centre in the virtual fly-through by clicking on the link below.


The Cardiff International White Water Park is a tourism hot-spot and offers a myriad of activities and programs. Attracting 180,000 visitors per year and offering function room hire, the Park is a hub of activity all year long. Park attendees can take part in white water rafting, indoor surfing, the air trail, hot dogging, river boarding, paddle boarding and white water canoeing and kayaking.

The Park offers multiple packages to cater to all kinds of group events, including stag and hens, birthday parties, schools and universities, flat water activities (raft building) and family sessions. There are many courses on offer, such as flat water and white water canoeing/ kayaking/ rafting, school holidays, SUP, rescue, first aid, British Canoe Union certification. The park is even popular for filming! With WA’s fantastic climate, the PWWC has the potential to be all this and more!

The Vector Wero White Water is open! The park mirrors our vision of what we would like to build here in WA! Jump over to the website to check it out.

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